Greenmans on the Hawkesbury

Park Rules

(in accordance with the Caravan and Camping Industry Assoc.)

These rules relate to the use, enjoyment, control and management of the holiday park. They apply to occupants (including their guests, visitors and invitees) when they are in the holiday park., including any area administered or cared for by the park owner.

These rules are designed for the safety an protection of occupants and for the protection of property.


  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)  
    • Occupants must comply with any directions of the park owner in relation to compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001.  
  • Courteous and Considerate Manner 
    • The occupant should act in a courteous and considerate manner towards the park owner, their respective employees, other occupants and guests of the park.
  • Bikes, skateboards, scooter, rollerblades and other recreational equipment – The park owner may confiscate any bike, skateboard, scooter or rollerblades or any other recreational equipment used by the occupant or the occupants family, visitors or guests, if in the opinion of the park owner:
        • The equipment is being used in a manner that is dangerous for the user or other park users or both or
        • The use is such as to cause a nuisance.
        • The equipment is being used in areas where the use is not permitted.
        • As required by law bike helmets must be worn.


  • Children must be supervised properly so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others.
  • Criminal activity
      • Occupants must not offend against the law at the park or use their site for the furtherance of any criminal activity.
  • Vandalism – Occupants must not commit any acts of vandalism
  • Firearms – Occupants must not carry any firearm or any other weapon at the park.
  • Unlawful drugs– Occupants must not use, or be under the influence of, any unlawful drugs or substances.
  • Antisocial behaviour – Occupants must not undertake, participate or be involved in any antisocial behaviour.
  • Occupants must not carry on trade or business in the park.
  • Pets, poultry and animals – Occupants must not keep or care for any pets, poultry ore animals on the site.
  • Garbage – All rubbish is to be left in bins provided in the park. Cans only in the can recycling bags. Building materials, furniture, tents, shade shelters and/or frames, BBQs and other large items are not to be left.
  • Vehicles
      • Occupants must not use any vehicle in any way that is dangerous to other occupants and persons in the park, or in a manner that may cause damage to their property.
      • Occupants must not allow any vehicle owned by or in the custody or control of the occupant (including their guests and visitors) to be driven or used on the park property:
              1. at a speed in excess of 10kph
              2. by an unlicensed driver, including a learner driver
              3. to give driving lessons in the park
              4. for joy ridingin the park
              5. for the repair or servicing of any vehicle, except in any area designated by the park owner.
              6. where the passenger(s) or driver is not wholly within the vehicle.
      • Occupants may only keep or use registered and road worthy vehicles in the park.
      • Occupants must comply within 24 hours of being told by the park owner to remove from the park any vehicle or motorcycle or similar which makes excessive noise.
      • The following regulations apply to the use of the roads entering and throughout the park:
                  1. Drive cautiously at all times
                  2. Adhere to speed limits
                  3. No overtaking
                  4. Give way to towing vehicles  
                  • RTA blood alcohol limits apply on all roads into and within the park.
                  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is not permitted


  • Parking  
      • Occupants must not park any vehicle so that it endangers or is likely to endanger another person or property of any other person.
      • Occupants must comply with any instructions given by the park owner in relation to parking.
  • Care of site – Occupants must leave the site as it is found. All camp fires must be kept free of all glass and all non burnable materials and rubbish disposed of thoughtfully.
  •  Storage of Goods on the site.
        • Occupants must not store any flammable liquids or chemicals.
        • Occupants must ensure that any goods left on site such as bikes, barbecues and valuables are locked or secured.
  • Pool
      • Occupants must comply with the rules displayed at the pool.
      • Children under the age of 12yrs must not be in the pool enclosure unless accompanied by a responsible adult who is a competent swimmer.
      • Unless closed for maintenance the pool hours are from 9:30am to 5:30pm
      • Due to limited water supplies, patrons are asked to keep splashing to a minimum.
  • Amenities Blocks
      • All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult into the amenities.
      • Showering must be kept to 3 minutes
      • Playing in and around the amenities blocks are not permitted.      
  • Fire works
      • Occupants and their guests must not bring fire works into the park.
      • Maritime flares must not be discharged within the park boundaries.
  • Boat ramp and pontoons.
    • Occupants and guests must return their vehicle to the recommended site after launching boats.
    • The pontoon at the boat ramp is privately owned and is strictly a drop off/ pick up zone, boats are not to be left unattended at this pontoon.
    • The front to the Greenmans pontoon are strictly a drop off/ pick up zone, however, boats may be left at eh side of the pontoon for brief periods after obtaining permission from the park owner.
  • Gates
      • Gates must be relocked immediately after entry and departure.
  • Water Consumption
      • The park runs on tank water, please be conservative with the water.
      • Water restrictions will apply when nominated by park owners.
      • Car and boat washing is not permitted, however motors may be flushed.
      • Please limit showers to 3 mins.
  • General Housekeeping
      • Upon arrival, occupants and their guests are required to check in at the office and advise the length of stays.
      • All flora and fauna are protected and all wildlife are given right of way, please do not harm them in any way.
  • Noise
      • Consideration must be given to park patrons at all times, please keep noise to a minimum and a curfew will apply from 10:00 pm (22:00)

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